This festive season I have an extra-special gift for you all, a cover version of Band Aid’s charitable classic “Feed The World”!

The video makes an ironic contrast between the generous spirit of the song’s lyrical content & the crushingly consumerist reality of the festive season. Makes you think!

And if you like the song, you can just listen to that on the player below. Or why not download it to your ipod?!

Waves On Waves

To mark his triumphant return to recorded music, Simon Break presents you with a new video in which he develops his unique visual language to a level of compositional rigour unprecedented in the pop video marketplace. Watch as a forty-year-old man pushes himself to the very limit, both physically and philosophically.

WAVES ON WAVES is taken from WAVES ON WAVES / THE FOUNTAINHEAD, first of THE EUROPEAN’s new ANTI-PATTERNS e.p. series. Released March 2013 by Stolen Recordings.

Photographed & directed by Coco Lancellotti and Cash Daley.
Styling and makeup by Coco Lancellotti.
Edited by Simon Break.
All Rights Reserved.

Also available on Vimeo for fans of buffering.

I’m Not Getting What I Want From You

SantaGet ready for something you didn’t ask for

Merry Winterval to all fans of THE EUROPEAN.

To celebrate the dark epicentre of the season, we have uploaded a new video for I’m Not Getting What I Want From You plus a very exciting and unique Multifaith Midwinter Message.

In this new video by THE EUROPEAN, Simon Break presents you with an unwanted gift. Disappointing on every level, disappointment becomes exultation and vice versa. Released December 2010 by Stolen Recordings. Directed by Simon Break with photography by Consuelo Asper Valdes

Watch the Multifaith Midwinter Message below, then click on Simon Break’s face to see the pop video, or for a more high-fidelity experience click here to watch on Vimeo.

Peace on Earth.

UPDATE: Simon Break’s Multifaith Midwinter Message has now been removed for traditional reasons. However, please feel free to enjoy the video for I’m Not Getting What I Want From You, below.



We would like to apologise for the recent hiatus in posting here at iamtheeuropean.com. This is due to time pressures brought about by our current aggressive program of expansion. Recent developments include, but are not limited to:

Please be assured that more detailed posts on these and other topics will be forthcoming shortly.

The Settler

Sony Vegas Pro 9The European endorses Sony Vegas Pro 9

In this short video, we present the heroic/pathetic figure of The Settler as he wanders, lost and conflicted, through the jagged ruins of Modernism, in search of some dimensional portal to the happy hunting grounds of the post-historic era.

The Settler is the new single by THE EUROPEAN. Released March 2010 by Stolen Recordings.

Directed by Simon Break.

Photography and lighting by Coco Asper Valdes and Paul Jones.

All Rights Reserved.