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Marc RileyThis man can make you famous

THE EUROPEAN will be performing a live “session” on this Thursday’s edition of the Marc Riley Show. The show, and session, begin at 19:00 BST (18:00 GMT).

In addition, a cover version of Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley will be recorded for later broadcast on the Gideon Coe Show.

Incidentally, the production team at 6music favour the font Comic Sans in their correspondence.

[UPDATE: The Bob Marley cover is no longer required by the BBC. We apologise for any disappointment this may have caused you and are fully committed to bringing this important work to the public as soon as possible through other channels]



We would like to apologise for the recent hiatus in posting here at iamtheeuropean.com. This is due to time pressures brought about by our current aggressive program of expansion. Recent developments include, but are not limited to:

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