This festive season I have an extra-special gift for you all, a cover version of Band Aid’s charitable classic “Feed The World”!

The video makes an ironic contrast between the generous spirit of the song’s lyrical content & the crushingly consumerist reality of the festive season. Makes you think!

And if you like the song, you can just listen to that on the player below. Or why not download it to your ipod?!

Somewhere In The Night

Smog LP coverThe doctor will see you now

To celebrate the forthcoming release of ANTI-PATTERNS 1, from Simon Break’s extensive personal archive we bring you a powerful restatement of the Smog classic Somewhere In The Night. Strange phantasms & squamous chitterings echo across a nocturnal mindscape as a deep house groove sucks you deeper into the emotional quicksands.

Free to stream and download, exclusively from THE EUROPEAN.

In A Very Real Sense Now

In A Very Real Sense Now cover artThe cover of the album

Announcing the release of In A Very Real Sense Now, the debut album by THE EUROPEAN.

Released by Stolen Recordings Ltd on 1st March 2010, this electronic pop epic has taken five years to reach the point where it is ready to be unleashed upon a public utterly unaware that the first true posthistoric supergroup has finally arrived.

In A Very Real Sense Now rejects the staple pop subject matter of romance and facile self-actualisation in favour of themes of compromise, frustration, psychosexual angst and cultural confusion.

The album will be released in the following formats:

Three songs from the album

  • Audio file download
  • Luxury vinyl package inc. download
  • Very limited CDR edition

Purchase information will be posted to this site as soon as it is available.

Walking In The Air

We’re swimming in the frozen sky

To celebrate the season of peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, THE EUROPEAN has covered the festive classic Walking In The Air and is giving it away to you, gentle consumer, as a free mp3 download.

Winter is a dark time and this is a dark song. Every song has a personality, therefore every song must also have an unconscious. This cover attempts to embody/illuminate that strange subterranean space.

Merry Christmas everybody.