Somewhere In The Night

Smog LP coverThe doctor will see you now

To celebrate the forthcoming release of ANTI-PATTERNS 1, from Simon Break’s extensive personal archive we bring you a powerful restatement of the Smog classic Somewhere In The Night. Strange phantasms & squamous chitterings echo across a nocturnal mindscape as a deep house groove sucks you deeper into the emotional quicksands.

Free to stream and download, exclusively from THE EUROPEAN.

Waves On Waves

To mark his triumphant return to recorded music, Simon Break presents you with a new video in which he develops his unique visual language to a level of compositional rigour unprecedented in the pop video marketplace. Watch as a forty-year-old man pushes himself to the very limit, both physically and philosophically.

WAVES ON WAVES is taken from WAVES ON WAVES / THE FOUNTAINHEAD, first of THE EUROPEAN’s new ANTI-PATTERNS e.p. series. Released March 2013 by Stolen Recordings.

Photographed & directed by Coco Lancellotti and Cash Daley.
Styling and makeup by Coco Lancellotti.
Edited by Simon Break.
All Rights Reserved.

Also available on Vimeo for fans of buffering.

ANTI-PATTERNS 1 Launch with Apostille

FlierPlease come

On the 11th March 2013 at around 20:00 please join THE EUROPEAN and guests for the launch of the new EP ANTI-PATTERNS 1: Waves On Waves / The Fountainhead at The Sebright Arms in London’s thrilling and diverse Bethnal Green. Buy advance tickets here.

We have two extra-special guests for this magical night:

Apostille is the solo project of Michael Kasparis of Night School records and Please. On the fantastic debut single Wrong / The Road To War kaleidoscopic instrumentation and cracked synths frame degraded pop songs centred around a lurking sense of misanthropy, albeit a misanthropy tempered with ecstatic tendencies.

Rounding things out with one of his legendarily gnarled & funky dj sets is the fantastic J. P. Buckle.

The Sebright Arms is well known for its amazing food & local ales, so why not come early and “hang out”!?!?

Please note, due to unforseen circumstances Mathew Sawyer will no longer be playing. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Announcing ANTI-PATTERNS 1: Waves On Waves / The Fountainhead

ep coverHis Master’s Hand

THE EUROPEAN is proud to announce ANTI-PATTERNS 1: Waves On Waves / The Fountainhead, the first in a new EP series. This instalment sets classic TE themes of ambivalence and anxiety against a background of hi-nrg, noise, prog and pure pop.

The EP is available for digital preorder now from Amazon and iTunes and will be released on 4th March 2013 by Stolen Recordings. There will also be a video, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Further information will be posted as we have it.

Phase 2

video stillComing soon

Hello there! My name is Simon Break and I am THE EUROPEAN.

After a long silence due to the fact that I have to make money so I can eat and not be homeless, I’m back with PHASE 2 of this great project you all love with such fierce devotion! The exciting elements of Phase 2 are:

  • This beautiful new website, based on the WordPress platform
  • A new EP series called ANTI-PATTERNS
  • A headline gig in London on March 11th with AMAZING special guests
  • New videos
  • Other new things

In the next few days I’m going to be posting more information about all these exciting topics, so make sure to add my site to your favourites! Or your RSS reader! And follow me on twitter! Oh, and buy my records!