File Under Evil

Guilt by association

From Heidegger, Hitler’s ‘spiritual guide’ on The Guardian newspaper’s discussion board Comment is free:

He calls for [Heidegger's] books to be removed from the shelves of philosophy departments and rehoused under the history of Nazism. This is eminently sane.

From Tag (metadata) on Wikipedia:

In a traditional hierarchical system (taxonomy), the designer sets out a limited number of terms to use for classification, and there is one correct way to classify each item. In a tagging system, there are an unlimited number of ways to classify an item, and there is no “wrong” choice. Instead of belonging to one category, an item may have several different tags.

Beyond Good and Evil

Arguments about morality are arguments about filing. Books must be filed on a specific shelf. Computers can file anything under anything else. Therefore shelves are moral and computers are amoral.

From List of Dewey Decimal classes on Wikipedia:

216: No longer used — formerly Evil


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