The means of production

Phase One is approaching completion.

Firstly, the album launch party has been scheduled for 22nd February (Edit: rescheduled to 23rd February) at The Stags Head in Hoxton, London. Support acts are being arranged and will be announced here as soon as they are confirmed.

Secondly, the physical records are being manufactured this week. This is a complex process using advanced mastering techniques and bleeding-edge print technology to bring you, the consumer, a product of unparalleled quality expressing the strong brand values of THE EUROPEAN.

File Under Evil

Guilt by association

From Heidegger, Hitler’s ‘spiritual guide’ on The Guardian newspaper’s discussion board Comment is free:

He calls for [Heidegger's] books to be removed from the shelves of philosophy departments and rehoused under the history of Nazism. This is eminently sane.

From Tag (metadata) on Wikipedia:

In a traditional hierarchical system (taxonomy), the designer sets out a limited number of terms to use for classification, and there is one correct way to classify each item. In a tagging system, there are an unlimited number of ways to classify an item, and there is no “wrong” choice. Instead of belonging to one category, an item may have several different tags.

Beyond Good and Evil

Arguments about morality are arguments about filing. Books must be filed on a specific shelf. Computers can file anything under anything else. Therefore shelves are moral and computers are amoral.

From List of Dewey Decimal classes on Wikipedia:

216: No longer used — formerly Evil

Venn Diagram For The World

Venn Diagram for the WorldVenn Diagram for The World

Mathew Sawyer of Mathew Sawyer and The Ghosts posted this Venn diagram on his blog Woozy Machine.

THE EUROPEAN has played with The Ghosts on many occasions and can confirm that he is a pleasure to work with, a true artist with a professional attitude, creating a top-quality product.

This is a very important and perceptive piece. Mathew Sawyer is a genius and you would do well to study his work carefully.