Some Meat

Saucy Sailor

Tim Hart, founder of the group Steeleye Span died of lung cancer on Christmas Eve aged 61.

Steeleye Span are the greatest of the 1970s groups that mix English traditional music with pop and psychedelia, lacking the self-important veneer of authenticity that can make bands like Fairport Convention so tiresome. From the pagan bubblegum of All Around My Hat to the Tudor prog of King Henry and Saucy Sailor (embedded right), they evoke the same erzatz, yet strangely convincing Medieval Otherworld as Monty Python.

Anyway, bye bye Tim.

Mist takes the morning path to wreath the willows – Rejoice, rejoice – small birds sing as the easy rising monk takes to his sandals – Christ is born of the Virgin Mary – cloistered, the Benedictine dawn threads timelessly the needle’s eye – rejoice.


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