Logos of THE EUROPEAN and Stolen RecordingsA new alliance

Hi everybody. Gather round now, it’s true.

THE EUROPEAN is pleased to announce that last week, after a long period of careful negotiation, a bit like a good game of chess or D&D, a recording contract was signed with Stolen Recordings Ltd of London, England.

We will be releasing an album in February or so, called In A Very Real Sense Now which will be preceded by a single called The Settler. We are totally 100% convinced that you are going to love it.

The two combinedEnergies and agendas overlap and intertwine

This blog will be updated regularly with posts on a variety of topics, from the lofty to the mundane. Announcements, inspirational texts, bad jokes, technical documents, internet-based artworks and more. Of course there will also be free mp3s, news about concerts, image galleries and everything you could possibly want to know about the most significant pop group of the posthistoric era.

Thank you for reading and listening. Be assured that we are 100% committed to the success of this project. We will not let you down.

My name is Simon Break and I am THE EUROPEAN.


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